Tina Tyler Wraps <i>Handyman 4</i> for Viking Pictures

CANOGA PARK, Calif. – Director Tina Tyler trains her lens on ten men in Handyman 4, the latest volume in her solo jack-off series for women for Mercenary Pictures' subsidiary Black Viking Pictures.

Hitting streets today, Handyman 4 stars Chris Strokes, Dane Cross, Doni Blass, Eric Swiss, Jason Arrow, Jason Brown, John Espizedo, Kris Slater, Nico Stallone and Nicolas Gage.

“The last three volumes of Handyman received great reviews and the ladies have really taken to it,” said Tyler. “Handyman 4 features great-looking guys who aren't shy in front of the camera. It will be an eye-opener for new fans of the series and deliver more great solo guy action to those who've seen the past titles.”

“Tina's always been a world-class director who I entrust with some of Mercenary's highest-profile lines like Black Moon Risin', Fresh Out the Box, SuperWhores and IronHead,” said Lexington Steele, head of Mercenary and Black Viking. “More importantly, she has her finger on the pulse of what women want and a male solo series shot for women is something that the market — the female market — was missing. It took someone like Tina, who knows and understands her fans, to come up with an innovative series like Handyman.”

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