Memo to Ted Cruz Team: Here’s Where to Hunt for Cory Chase

CYBERSPACE—This week, in between the latest hurricane headlines, Republican Senator Ted Cruz blew into the news himself after he or somebody on his staff apparently liked a tweet that featured a video of MILF adult performer Cory Chase.

The tweet originally appeared on @SexuallPosts—which has, since then, changed its Twitter bio to read, “Follow the same porn that @TedCruz watches.” Cruz spokesperson Catherine Frazier tweeted, “The offensive tweet posted on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter.” But naturally, the internet is still atwitter.

Though it’s unclear exactly who was responsible for the inadvertent “like”—the windbag right-wing senator and ardent porn foe, or one of his staffers—the incident provided fodder for Twitter memes and coverage by the press—including this brief historical look at Cruz and his brushes with adult entertainment posted on

And of course other sites delved into the details of the incident, including, which reported that the scene was from Reality Kings and featured Chase with Bruce Venture and Kacey Jordan. And they got a quote from Corey Price of, also part of the Mindgeek empire: “"Now our fans can check out the same video a Presidential nominee, and current Senator, watched in its entirety.”

But it’s an ill wind that blows nobody good, and in that spirit both Cory Chase’s talent agency, East Coast News, and, where she has a clip store, have sent out news blasts about the incident.

“The question now is,” according to, “will Ted Cruz be looking for more Cory Chase and will he shop in her Clips4Sale store?”

“Ted, we’re here to help,” says Clips4Sale Owner Neil. “You can buy her clips in our stores and no one will know. All shopping is anonymous. I spoke with Cory this morning and she’s glad you like her and hopes you will buy her exclusive content in her Jerky Wives store. Clips4Sale is the No. 1 downloadable clips site and we want you to check it out.”

Find Chase’s store on or visit her site,

Chase also issued her own statement. “You can imagine my surprise when I found out what all the buzz was about,” she said. “As a porn star you are used to a certain level of attention and social media activity, but [since] Senator Cruz took the time to endorse my work, you can imagine the new level of interest in me that created.”

Cory is located in Florida, where she is and currently dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Spotty internet connections and power outages have plagued Florida since the hurricane made its way across all of entire state.

“Regardless if it was his staff or the senator himself letting his freak out at night, I encourage him to continue watching porn and paying for porn, my porn specifically,” Chase added.

Chase is represented by East Coast Talent. For booking information, visit

Other places to chase down more Chase are and