Time Examines Hustler's 'Girls' Parody

LOS ANGELES—The upcoming Hustler parody, This Ain't Girls XXX, continues to ride the wave of mainstream attention with a piece published today on Time.com.  

While the star of the HBO show, Lena Dunham, said on Twitter that a porno parody of her show "grosses me out," her porno doppelgänger Alex Chance told Time that she didn't understand why Dunham wouldn't appreciate her work. 

“It seemed like she liked the parody that SNL did of her, so obviously it wasn’t making fun of her that was the issue,” Chance said.

"But Chance sees great merit in Hustler’s emulation," Laura Stampler wrote for Time. "She says the script is funny, the character work solid (a frustrated Hannah eats ice cream in an 'ugly' crop top and 'not flattering' panties after a fight)," and since Girls is, Chance said, "pretty much like a softcore porn to start, we didn’t think it was much of a stretch to go on and put the hardcore in it." 

The article also addresses Chance's initial concern at playing Dunham. Chance started performing at a heavier weight and has since slimmed down, but still doesn't have what would be considered an archetypical porn star body. 

“I wasn’t necessarily getting as much work since I wasn’t skinny and I wasn’t fat,” Chance said. “I was normal sized for a regular person, but not for porn.”

Chance hopes people watch Girls XXX and take away, among other things, that you don't have to be a Size 2 to be considered sexy. 

Check out Chance in the SFW This Ain't Girls XXX trailer here