TightFit Teams with Shane Bugbee

Director Shane Bugbee has entered into an agreement with TightFit Productions to create original content for internet download. Bugbee, director of Extreme's Club Satan: The Witches Sabbath, will move his online radio show Radio Free Satan into TightFit Studios within the month and begin working on projects for the company effective immediately.

"Shane has an incredible grass roots reach into the art and eclectic underground scene, and that's pretty much all of our roots regardless of where we land currently," TightFit owner Oren Cohen told AVN.com. "We all embrace the do-it-yourself ethic, and Shane is both a good creative guy and a shrewd businessman. We're all looking forward to seeing where this twisted road takes us."

The planned collaboration between Bugbee and TightFit will take advantage of Bugbee's connections to the underground media, which include both the radio show and his free newspaper, The Adversary. The paper is distributed at over 500 locations nationwide, including record stores, tattoo shops, and live music venues. 

"I grew up reading 'zines like Maximum Rock 'N' Roll back in the day, and we're going to utilize that distribution avenue, reaching more of our core audience that don't frequent adult bookstores," Cohen said. "Even stuff in the so-called alt-porn movement is missing the mark because it's not going to the people who are part of that scene."

Cohen noted that much of what is being marketed as alt-porn is "contrived," adding that "it's like saying you're punk rock because you shop at Hot Topic."

Bugbee's wife Amy, who co-wrote Club Satan, will also contribute to the planned productions. The couple plans to produce movies together and separately for the company.

"Most of the content will be inspired by things that happen on the radio show and the guests that appear on it," Cohen said. "We'll be making best-of clips available for download at a reasonable price. This is purely for internet distribution; we won't be producing any hard goods."

Cohen praised Bugbee's work on Club Satan for its ingenuity on a low budget. "It's amazing – to say that Shane's done a lot with a little is an understatement," he said of the Satanic porn flick.

When asked if he was concerned about being associated with Bugbee's professed Satanism, Cohen replied: "It's funny; I think it's so easy for people to misinterpret my company. We're very much concerned with social responsibility; we're the only adult company with a 21-and-over policy for performers, and we never do anything misogynistic. So I don't think it's obscene or demeaning to the human condition to explore the dark shadow of humanity without being degrading. If anything, it's satisfying the cheesy 'artist' in me."

Bugbee began publishing fanzines and fighting for First Amendment rights alongside Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra in the 1980s. His publications include Mike Diana's infamous comic Boiled Angel. Radio Free Satan has been broadcasting since 2000, and was prominently featured in the DVD extras of the recent Omen remake.