TightFit Studios Hosts Open House, Casting Call

TightFit Studios welcomed producers, agency reps and talent to its new facilities last night with an open house and “old-school casting call."

TightFit owner Oren Cohen showed guests around the 7,000 square-foot location, which offers seven different interior sets. Photographer Joel Jett was on hand to shoot complimentary stills for performers and agencies, as performers stripped down to pose against the studio’s photo backdrop.

Rory Zacher of Seymore Butts’ Lighthouse Talent agency brought an impressive array of new talent to the party, including Luscious Lopez, Aaliyah Jolie, Samantha Lucci and Onna Starr. Other guests included performers Tee Reel and Nicki Hunter, and directors Sandy Bunz, Roy Karch, and Jennifer James.

To date, the studio has only been used for a handful of TightFit’s own productions. Cohen is confident that his location will soon host other companies. “Everybody that saw the studio loved it and wants to book it, so ultimately, I think it was a success,” Cohen said. “It was nice to get people from different companies together, and I think it served its purpose. It’s worth giving a shout-out to Lighthouse for being so supportive. Any company that’s going to hustle like that to give something back to the people who book them has my respect.”

Next week, TightFit will host another gathering on Friday at Cinespace in Hollywood to celebrate the studio’s opening as well as their newest release, Sex & The Sybian. The studio is online at tightfitstudios.com.