Tightfit Goes Twenty One and Up for Talent

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Tightfit Productions has recently instituted a self-imposed policy wherein the gonzo production company will only use talent that are 21 years of age or older. Joanie Lee, Tightfit’s VP of sales, told AVN.com that the new age restriction policy was birthed when she and company owner, Oren Cohen, were having a production meeting; discussing new trends and future shoots.

“The MILF phenomena soon came up in discussion,” said Lee, “and I joked about seeing a girl who was barely 25 [years old] on the cover of a recent MILF title. There’s no middle ground for the consumer right now. Everything is Teen or MILF. What about the twenty-something performer? The young woman who is sexy and confident?

“I want to see a woman who takes control of her sexuality…a woman who takes a more empowered role in her sexual experiences,” Cohen told AVN.com, “not some little girl who acts as a passive fuck-hole for some guy to slap around. The only kind of guy that would slap a girl around is a bitch, and I’m not a bitch…and my products aren’t intended for those kinds of people.

“An eighteen year old girl isn’t prepared to rebound from this [industry] if she figures out that this isn’t her gig,” continued Cohen. “So the decision really came out of frustration with the industry, for me.

“This is probably the one topic I’m the most stoked about,” said the young company owner, “and I’m very pleased with our decision [to enact the 21 and over policy]. I know eventually there will be some sort of backlash, and if this is a catalyst for that backlash, that’s great.”

The issue is sure to be somewhat controversial in the industry, and Cohen is the first to acknowledge that. “We understand that this kind of decision is going to stir emotions,” he said, “but we’ve had a lot of great feedback [from starlets] already.”

One of those starlets is Lexi Bardot, who is featured in Tightfit’s recently released Sex and the Sybian, as well as the company’s upcoming female masturbation series, So Low. “I think it’s a great policy,” said Bardot. “I think it’s important that the industry polices itself, especially with the government set up like it is now, with a lot of conservative influences and values. This kind of action shows people that the industry cares about the people involved…it cares about woman.”

Bardot, who was dancing when she was 18 on the East Coast to pay her way through college, said she was a self-admitted “mess” then. “I don’t really know what I would have done if I had been making that kind of money every month… I just wasn’t ready to make the right decisions then, I wasn’t responsible…and I haven’t met any 18 year old who is.”

“I think Tightfit is trying to make a positive impact on our industry [with this policy} and I think that they’ll do some great things in the future.”

“Oren has always raved about the porn from the 1970s and 80’s,” added Lee, “when the women seemed more confident and more comfortable, making for a more exciting scene. Right then and there he said he wasn’t shooting any more young girls. It’s a moral issue as well for us. It just feels right.”

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Pictured: Luscious Lopex, Cohen,