Tiger Woods Sex Tape? Not So Fast …

LOS ANGELES—TMZ reported Tuesday morning on the possible existence of a Tiger Woods sex tape. The popular gossip site (and television show) snagged a quick street interview with Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch, who said that a purported tape is being shopped.

“We were approached anonymously by someone who supposedly has a Tiger Woods sex tape,” said the venerable adult producer. “We saw approximately 30 seconds of it; still working to see if it’s actually him. We don’t know yet, but we’ll know soon.”

When asked by the TMZ crew what his next step would be if the tape exists, Hirsch said, “Obviously, we’d like to work with Tiger to put it out, but I don’t have high hopes for that.”

On its website, TMZ took the claim of a tape with several grains of salt.Two things,” wrote TMZ staff. “First, Tiger's lawyers have already put out a threatening letter, stating they will go after anyone who tries to publish nude photos or videos of Tiger Woods.

“Thing two. There is no way such a video could be legally released without Tiger's John Hancock. Good luck with that.”

But according to celebrity sex tape maven Kevin Blatt, who talked to AVN Tuesday morning as he was waiting to board a flight back home from Maui, the rumor is false.

“There is no Tiger Woods sex tape, period,” said Blatt, who pretty much has his finger directly on the pulse of the sex-tape marketplace.

In a situation like this, however, where the celebrity is alleged to have slept with so many people, who really knows what’s out there, waiting to either see the light of day … or be buried forever?