Tickle Kitty Plays with <u>Toygasms!</u>

As an author of sex advice for women, Sadie Allison is anything but a writer shilling a book no one wants to buy. rnrn

Just the opposite - her books have sold tens of thousands of copies through her company, Tickle Kitty Press, and have earned great praise in the publishing industry. Her last book, Tickle Your Fancy: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure, sold over 50,000 copies, as well as garnering a laurel from the Independent Publisher Book Awards in its Best Sexuality category. Her new release, Toygasms! The Insider's Guide to Sex Toys and Techniques, sold out of its first printing when it was introduced during the Adult Entertainment Expo and is now in its second printing, which makes a total of 20,000 in print. rnrn

Allison's success in the adult advice field is more than just because sex sells. Though Allison is a former sales executive for companies such as Disney Interactive and Virgin Interactive she knows about the power of XXX. She said she got into dispensing sex advice purely out of the joy of helping her friends have better sex lives.rnrn

"I was known 'The Little Dr. Ruth' among all my friends and I had a knack and openness to help other people," she said. "Time after time, with talking to girlfriends at parties or at school, I became good at giving people the right kind of advice they needed. Tips on how-to masturbate, achieve orgasm, or perform various activities with their partners. My goal was to help them have better sex lives." rnrn

Allison made the logical leap to print, and began dispensing her sexual advice about female masturbation with her first book, Tickle Your Fancy, which was received with the sort of success most writers only dream of. Ironically, she added that she didn't plan on getting into the publishing business, and originally saw the book as a pamphlet she'd simply photocopy and give away to friends for fun. rnrn

Toygasms! is a reference about selecting sex toys and incorporating them in the bedroom - or wherever. There is also information on how to introduce them to your lover and sections on toys for boys and safety and cleanliness. Allison researched the book through years of personal experimentation and talking to people in and around the sex toy industry. She added some of the 40-plus techniques illustrated in the book, which range from basic to exotic, were hers and others were culled from her friends and peers. Though she sees the toy industry as being "overwhelming for the average consumer," Allison also said there's a greater variety of toys available. rnrn

Toygasms! has more than 100 illustrations in the book to guide her readers in their learning process.rnrn

Society's relatively recent acceptance and openness about sexuality leads Allison to believe there is now a new sexual revolution. "When you watch TV these days, with Sex in the City, Real Sex, Sexcetera and some of the reality TV dating shows on prime time TV, it's obvious sex is becoming more and more accepted in mainstream," she said. "It's not so ?taboo? anymore for people to talk about sex out loud, use sex toys, and enjoy sex for what it is - pleasure!" rnrn

Sadie Allison can be reached via email, [email protected] and her books can be ordered through www.ticklekitty.com. She will appear in a Toygasms! feature segment on Playboy TV's Sexcetera this Fall.