Tia Sweet Wins Black Market Bet

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - Tia Sweet celebrated a personal victory Monday afternoon on the set of an untitled Black Market Entertainment production directed by Phashon.

As AVN reported last week, Tia made a behind-the-scenes bet with performer Jon Jon that she could "make him nut in five minutes." If Jon Jon failed to last a full five minutes in the saddle, or if he lost wood three times, he would have to perform in a BBW scene. If Jon Jon broke the five-minute barrier, Tia would end up on the business end of Black Market star Shorty Mac's formidable johnson.

Would Tia accept defeat in the form of a painful, on-camera encounter with Shorty? Or would Jon Jon blow his cool and be forced to perform with a fat chick?

AVN visited the set to witness the outcome firsthand. Shorty judged the bet, dressed as a referee complete with stopwatch and whistle. Upon our arrival, Jon Jon had lost his mojo twice and was fading fast.

"Beat that pink pussy down!" yelled Shorty, who had a vested interest in the outcome due to his own side bet with Miss Sweet. If Tia managed to make the Mac nut in five, he'd have to do a scene so gruesome the details can't be repeated here.

Within minutes, Shorty called the decision: Jon Jon lost on his third failure to produce wood. In fairness to Jon Jon, it can't be easy to maintain wood while Shorty Mac stands over you dressed as a referee.

"That's on him," Mac told AVN. "It's a fair disqualification."

Meanwhile, Tia was elated. "He's about to go fuck a big, black bitch, and I'm about to go home happy!" she said.

"Go get the tissues, 'cause Jon Jon cryin'!" Phashon observed.

Next up for Black Market: a gang bang video with the instant-classic title Running a Train on Big Mama. Look out for Jon Jon in a supporting role.

For more information, visit www.blackmarketxxx.com.