Threshold Offers Clubhouse for Video Productions

Threshold, a BDSM group and outreach organization based in Los Angeles, is offering their clubhouse as a rental location for video productions.

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The Purple Room

The clubhouse is located at an old soundstage that was previously used for both mainstream and porn productions.

"We have been doing some amazing work over the last six months or so, most visibly in the club house we rent as our headquarters and part space" said a spokesperson for Threshold.

The most notable work so far has been in the Heaven and Hell Room and the Purple Room. The Heaven and Hell Room is a playroom where one side of the room was designed to look like hell and the other side was designed to look like heaven. The Purple Room has been designed and furnished by Downtown Willy, an artist who specializes in metal, glass and upholstery.

There is also a medical room and the main room, where the soundstage is located with mounted lighting already in place.

Located in North Hollywood, the space is in a discrete spot not far from such companies as Video Team and Extreme Associates.

For more information on shooting at the Threshold club house, e-mail [email protected]. For more information on Threshold itself, check out