Thomas Zupko Set For <I>Opera</i> Shoot This Weekend

Elegant Angel director Thomas Zupko promises that his latest project, Opera, will be the highlight of his porn career.  Loosely based on Prospero's Books, Peter Greenaway's 1992 take on Shakespeare's The Tempest, it stars Avy Scott, Satine Diamond, Katja, Ashley Blue, and legendary porn star Papiillon in her comeback performance.  It also features mainstream opera singer Franz Stary who does the actual singing and who plays the lead role of Puccini. 

"It will be the most amazing show I have ever done." Zupko said.  "The set I had built is something right out of the Roman Empire.” 

Franz plays a heroin addict who lives in the street, whose life has passed him by. He overdoses and falls into a fantasy of “what could have been”.  

Elegant Angel General Manager Axel Braun says that Zupko's vision for Opera is almost "beyond porn."

"I understand why some people think that Zupko needs to be institutionalized." Braun said. "But with that madness there emanates great genius. When he was telling me about Opera in his usual rapid-fire speak, I was totally impressed.  I believe that the finished product will be one of those rare pieces of pornography that will stay with you for years to come." 

Zupko feels that Opera will be his magnus opus, his great work, "Everything I've ever learned in life and pornography will be manifest in this film.  It will contain the most graphic unforgettable anal sex with imagery that will disturb, shock, and arouse.  No matter what happens afterwards, I know I will have created a flick that will open the floodgates." 

Zupko will be shooting Opera in Los Angeles June 28th, 29th, and 30th.