Thomas, Canyon Cemented In History

WEST HOLLYWOOD - They got their hands dirty, but it was for a good cause.

Paul Thomas and Christy Canyon have now been inducted into that select group whose handprints usher customers into the Hustler Hollywood store here.

"The Walk of Fame is one of the most exciting things we've done," said a very soft-spoken Larry Flynt, who served as Master of Ceremony for the event. "These actresses and actors are legends in the business and this way, they all will now not be forgotten. I means a lot to me and a lot to us.

A gathering of about 50 people witnessed Thomas and Canyon oil their hands and push them into something squishy – and act similar to many the (respectively) 34- and 23-year veteran stars had experienced over the course of their careers.

"It feels like it's about time," Canyon said before the event. "It's awesome, and I think it's going to feel wet and sticky and gooey."

The pair had been scheduled for Walk of Fame induction in 2006, but gave up their spots in favor of Eric Edwards and Veronica Hart, because "I don't think he has long to live," Thomas explained. No one at the event had heard from Edwards in some time.

Both inductees said they were notified of the ceremony about two months ago, Thomas receiving Jimmy Flynt's email while he was in Paris cementing a deal with Canal to air some of his bigger films.

"But mostly, I was doing this strange new thing that I do. It's called 'not working sometimes'," he joked.

The actual "laying in of hands" was accomplished by about 9:45 Thursday evening, with several members of the Flynt family in attendance, as well as such adult industry luminaries as Henri Pachard (looking healthier than he has in months), Mr. Marcus, Nick Manning, Tommy Gunn, Ashlynn Brooke and Bill Margold.