This Could Be You: Matt Zane Seeks Male Talent for 'Punkd Ur Ass 3'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Matt Zane has announced an open casting call for men who want to perform in the third installment of Zane's Jackass-style series, Punk'd Ur Ass.

The premise of the series has young men performing crazy stunts in order to win the opportunity to have sex with a porn starlet. Zane notes that prospective contestants should expect unusual scenarios for their scenes.

Past stunts in the series included being pelted with paint balls with nothing but a jockstrap for protection, nude shopping at convenience stores and fighting one round with an 11-time World Kickboxing champion.

Zane recalled previous episodes and said, "One of the guys actually left the business after the paint ball abuse stunt. Don't know if that was my fault or not. Regardless I need a few cool guys willing to get involved and join the crew."

The director also added that he believes this series is a fine way for prospective male talent to break into the adult business.

Interested parties can e-mail [email protected] for more information.