Third World Media Brings the Boobs

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Third World Media's J-Jugs Four Pack, a four-disc collection featuring bra-stretching Japanese women, hits store shelves on March 31.

The collection features Chest Full of Asians Vols. 2, 4, 6 and 8. The collection showcases 16 women, including Reiko Yamaguchi, Norika Aota and Yuko Mizumori. Each title is uncut and presented on individual DVDs to maximize quality and to retain their original extras.

Steve Scott, president of Third World Media, said, "The response we received from our Asian Tranny Six Pack was nothing short of amazing, and it spurred us to bring even more packs to our loyal customers. There's not a small tit to be seen on any of these four movies and it's all about pretty Asian babes with bra-busting boobs big enough to use as flotation devices!"

Scott promised that the performers in the J-Jugs Four Pack are just the thing for consumers who like Asian women…but who wish the delicate flowers had big boobs.

"It's a collection for guys with Asian and big boob fetishes," Scott said. "But for those who only like one or the other will also find a lot here as well. Our ladies are Japanese, born and bred in the land of the rising sun, and they have larger endowments than Harvard! In Third World Media's movies, finding great performers is just the start in our casting process."