Third Degree to Unveil Miles Long's 'Vajazzled'

MALIBU, Calif.—AVN Best New Starlet Kagney Linn Karter leans against the banister of an ornate, spiral staircase in a mansion in the Malibu Hills in a pose reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, showing off her latest bling: her Vajazzled Vajay-jay. The Zero Tolerance contract star is the cover and star of Third Degree Films' latest endeavor, Vajazzled, the new brainchild from the creative mind of AVN Award-winning director Miles Long.

Long is down the hallway surrounded by photography gear snapping away pictures and yelling encouragement and accolades to her as his assistant Justin makes adjustments when directed.

"That's amazing Kagney..... Keep doing that YES, keep doing that and bring your panties down just a little lower to show off your Vajazzling! You look incredible!" Long’s assistant Justin adjusts one of the strobes, then Long resumes snapping away, stopping only once he feels he's got that special shot.

There is electricity in the air today, the wardrobe person is tending to Kagney, and the makeup artist once again checks the placement of Kagney's Vajazzling: a beautiful multi-colored crystal butterfly that sparkles as she saunters over to the grand piano where porn legend Ron Jeremy is tinkling on the ivories and singing to the crew.

Long and Jeremy, longtime friends, exchange stories with each other, and then Long relays a story that makes everyone chuckle as he recounts how his neighbors figured out exactly what type of filming he did.

"I've always kept a low profile in my private life, and even on my street, which has plenty of white picket fences including mine; I've only mentioned that I have a production company and provide gear within the movie industry. That’s always been enough for my neighbors..... And then one day, Ron Jeremy walked up my driveway while my neighbor was watering his lawn and suddenly everyone said, 'Oh That's the kind of movies he makes!'"

Everyone around the piano bursts into laughter as Ron retorts "Yes, I guess there's no getting around that one.... the cat is out of the bag, that's for sure."

Long says the idea for the movie came to him while watching an interview that George Lopez had with Jennifer Love Hewitt on his TV show, where she talks about a number of things, including her latest interest: Vajazzling her nether regions.

"It just seemed like the perfect thing that no one thought to make a movie about yet," Long says.

Long then started surfing the internet to find out more about it. He found that spas were offering the service and people were really buzzing about it. Long then showed his boss the Youtube clip of the interview and said "We've got to do this one." Everyone in the company was in agreement that the concept was a winner.

"So far every girl has loved what we did, and some of them even kept the crystals on and went home with them so they could show some other folks their vajazzling and. ... Well you know what happens after that." Long says with a grin.

After Long shoots a parody of the interview between Lopez and Hewitt with Jeremy as the interviewer, European stud David Perry, another friend of Long's, comes in and he and Kagney begin in earnest, stopping only so that the director can swap tapes in his camera. David lays Kagney back on the couch and starts making her squirt "Oh my God, that's only happened, like twice ever!" exclaims Kagney. "Wait let me get the camera back on I want to catch that!" yells Long.

For good measure, Perry makes Kagney squirt again for the camera before he finishes the scene.

"That's something I always try to make happen... that magic moment, when the two people you picked to put together forget all of us are here and just have amazing sex," Long says. "That way, all we have to do is capture it and we've got a great movie."

With 14 AVN nominations and two AVN Awards to his credit, Long has a long history of creating those moments.

"Just wait ‘til you see my next idea we're already in production on," Long says. 

Vajazzled streets on June 8.