Third Degree Readies Sasha Grey Interactive

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Third Degree Films has set a Jan. 2 street date for Total Control – Sasha Grey, the first interactive DVD featuring the popular teen porn star.

“When you’re doing an interactive title — a movie that is going to be dedicated to just one girl — you sort of have to go out there and scan the arena of public opinion," director Mike Quasar told AVN. "Sasha is definitely a girl that’s on everyone’s top five list. She’s very cool and much more mature than her age might suggest…she’s up for almost anything. She also has a little different personality than most girls; she’s a little darker, and she comes off a little more intense.”

AVN spoke to Grey about the experience of filming her first interactive.

“I think the most difficult part was trying to put my own personal stamp on the title,” she said. “There are certain things that I wasn’t able to say, so if I said something that wasn’t allowed, we’d have to go back and do the scene over, so there are limitations. It’s a title that’s completely about the fans, so you have to try and connect with them. There’s no interaction with the other performer, so I found myself emoting even more. It’s challenging not being able to touch the other person, but after the first two hours of being on set, you get used to it.”

Third Degree has generated big sales with interactive releases featuring Jenna Haze and Alektra Blue. Total Control: Sasha Grey promises to continue that success.

“The Jenna Haze interactive title was a huge seller for us, so we didn’t want to deviate too much from that format, but there are some surprises in here that set this one apart,” said Quasar. I think the movie looks great. Sasha is definitely a team player. An interactive title, for the girl, is basically four days of hell. And you have to give it to the guys too. It’s tough to have sex with the girl and not be able to touch her; you’re literally just a sexual prop. We’d get three fourths of the way through a scene and then the biggest jet plane in the world would fly over head and screw the whole scene up. We’d have to start all over again. You have to have a pretty even temperament with this stuff, and Sasha did a great job."

The supporting cast of Total Control – Sasha Grey includes Franchezca Valentina, Sascha, Chris Cannon, James Deen, Chris Charming, Van Damage and Brad Hardy. But Grey is absolutely the star of the show.

"When a girl knows an entire movie is going to be based around them, there’s a tendency to give one hundred ten percent," said Quasar. "Oh yeah, and there’s that great big check you get handed in the end, too."

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