Third Degree Launches 'TM Sleaze' Online Campaign

CANOGA PARK, Calif. – Third Degree Films has begun its online marketing campaign for its upcoming parody TM Sleaze, which is a spoof of the "TMZ" television show that centers on celebrity gossip.

The company on Wednesday launched its Youtube campaign with a pair of promotional trailers. The trailers can be viewed here and here. TM Sleaze is a series of vignettes that parody celebrity culture. The founders of, Brian Bangs and Spock Buckton, directed the movie.

“We parody the show pretty faithfully. We have a bullpen where the staff discusses the latest celebrity mishap, and then we cut to the mishap, which is the sex scene,” Scott Stein, director of marketing for Third Degree, said.

Ron Jeremy appears in the movie in a non-sex role. For a photo gallery from the final day of the shoot, please click here.