Thethrillhammer Announces Free Webmaster Content/Video Conferencing

The Super Humongous Company Incorporated is pleased to announce their innovative first project, thethrillhammer, and the debut of their free content plug, which come complete with a built-in up-sell affiliate marketing program.

Thethrillhammer is a 450-pound vibrator capable of vibration speeds of up to 6500 RPM and rotation speeds of 150 RPM. Although there are other sophisticated sex machines out there, thethrillhammer strives to be the most “female friendly” and is the only large-scale machine that can be controlled via the Internet.

“For many years I have been waiting for the proposed tactile hookup between people via computers,” Super Humongous Company Chief Visioneer Allen Stein told “Ever since I saw Mike Saenz’s illustration of a futuristic cybersuit within the pages of the late great Future Sex Magazine, I’ve been patiently awaiting for someone to build it. Woody Allen had his Orgasmatron in the movie Sleeper. Frank Zappa had his Cyborg in Joe's Garage. No one was building them and I wanted it now.” 

“The first project we envisioned was to create the ultimate female gratification device in the world,” continued Stein, “and in the process we wanted to raise the bar of adult entertainment a few notches.”

Introduced two years ago in Las Vegas during the January 2002 Internext at a TopBucks photo shoots, the touring e-commerce version of thethrillhammer is made up of a deco-style 1920s-era gynecological chair that is controlled by a "Sybian-style gratification device," a series of Geiger-esque halogen lights, a monitor, proprietary software, and a remote control that can be used by the rider or an onlooker, either in person or anywhere in the world via the Internet. End users can control the gratification device, the pan, tilt or zoom of the camera, and even some of the studio lighting.

“I sat down with my Visioneer and engineering team and designed a hardware/software platform that afforded human-computer sex involving only one participant and a high-end sexual toy,” Stein recalled of the creation process for the sex machine. “We didn’t want surfers fighting over thethrillhammer controls after all. Now surfers can control thethrillhammer from a remote location via a sophisticated flash interface. We have partnered with to use their sophisticated flash streaming technology to act as an e-commerce platform for our tele-robotic technology. 

"Both free or pay adult Websites can have the premier free live sex machine feed where their members meet sexy camgirls then go private and control thethrillhammer's camera and to top it off the vibration and rotation of a high end Sybian vibrator," he continued. "We can integrate this service seamlessly into your existing website and there's no charge whatsoever. Webmasters will earn 25 percent of every dollar that your member spends and 5 percent referrals to other Webmasters. We have special "Live Now" buttons that are a 120X90 button that streams a live feed directly from thethrillhammer when we are live that seems to be converting really well.

For the last couple years the machine has toured around the country filming content for and for a video series called Sex Machines put out by Homegrown Video. 

“Partnering with Homegrown Video has been a dream. Not only are they extending our product offerings by offering our content on VHS and DVD it is a form of advertising for our web based services. Consumers will enjoy the tape then run to their computer to give the machine they just saw a spin.”

Webmasters can now allow their members and surfers to interact and then control the pleasure of a variety of girls in their online studios and will receive 25 percent commission for all sales through the up sell product for the life of the customer.  Members of the plug-in can access two way video with the girls, archive shows, and can even communicate via phone. Also included in the plug-in are hundreds of pictures of girls riding the ultimate sex machine on the planet to entice the customer into buying a show. offers two different affiliate programs. The first is for our membership site, where we have partnered up with and to offer the adult Webmaster a way to capitalize on this new technology. By sending traffic to, Webmasters earn 60 percent of signup revenue or a flat $30 payout. Members to the site enjoy archived video, live shows, one-on-one conferencing, various galleries, and a variety of the best feeds from across the Web. Webmasters that refer us to other Webmasters earn an extra 10 percent.

The folks at thethrillhammer have big plans for their sex machine, and big plans for Webmasters.

“We are going to expand our online capacity by adding new machines to our online network. We are going to launch 2-way tele-dildonics so the girl on thethrillhammer can control a device attached to a male surfers penis. We are also launching a private labeled home version of thethrillhammer with the only other tele-dildonic pioneers out there - They make a Honda where anyone who wants an Internet controlled adult novelty device for their use. That device will retail around $149.00.   We have a custom version for individuals with a penchant for upscale sex devices. Each will likely wear a price point between $7500 and $10,000 for a moderately equipped version. Options include aromatherapy and even immersive video displays but the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing the ultimate dream machine. 

“We are looking forward to working with the adult Webmaster community and will do everything possible to help them build their businesses with a variety of emerging products that continually push the envelope of technology and adult entertainment.”