Theresa Flynt Featured in Oprah's <i>O</i> Magazine

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - The current issue of Oprah Winfrey's O magazine goes to Hustler executive Theresa Flynt as a preeminent source in a Violet Blue-penned article on women as porn fans.

Titled "Eyes Wide Open," the article aims to shatter the common perception that most women eschew porn, using hard demographic numbers provided by Flynt, as well as Blue's own experience in sex journalism, as evidence.

"The majority of people think that it's mainly men that consume porn, and that's not true," Flynt told AVN. "I was able to actually quote that we know for sure over 56 percent of our customers to our Hustler Hollywood stores are women."

The article — which also makes mention of female pornographers including Candida Royalle and Tristan Taormino, as well as female-friendly adult rental service SugarDVD — serves as a major instance of mainstream acknowledgement that the women's porn market not only exists, it's booming.

"It basically says, in a nutshell, that women are viewing and buying and consuming more porn than people would think," Flynt said. "So I think it's eye-opening, and modest or shy women that want to buy porn will feel more comfortable buying it, knowing that they're not alone and other women are buying it.

"It touches on a subject that is probably taboo for a lot of people that watch Oprah," Flynt concluded, "but I think it's great that she had an article about it."