The Voodoo Spell

His real name's Alex but he goes by the adult industry moniker, Voodoo. Alex has been a performer in the business a little over a month and seems to be working steadily, so, the natural inclination was to ask him how do you do that voodoo that you do so well.

Alex/Voodoo: "I came down here from Toronto, Canada. I was working for a computer company as a tech-nerd, a 9 to 5 job. My friend Jerry said let's hit the road and go to California. We decided in early September let's drop everything. We had a little bit of cash between the two of us, about $5,000 Canadian which was $3,000 American. We hopped on one motorcycle. We didn't take the straight route to California, we went the long way. We went down the east coast to Florida. We got stuck in Myrtle Beach during Hurricane Floyd. Then we started going towards the west coast through Texas, Arizona, New Mexico. We were in Arizona and saw a tornado. By the time we got to California, we saw all three natural disasters including the earthquake that hit in October.

"I just wanted to come out here and surf. What happens is, halfway into the trip, my friend realizes he has no money. We pretty much had my money to get us here. We get here and we've depleted all my funds. We're stuck. All my credit card money was gone. We had nothing left. My friend was interested in the porn business, and before we left he had looked up Vivid's address on the Internet. He said why don't we try our luck that way and do a little porno. We went to Vivid. They looked at us and laughed. 'You just can't come out here to Vivid. We're one of the big companies.' They sent us to Jim South's office.

"A real nice lady at Jim South's office, Chaz Vincent, for some reason got a liking to us. We got lucky. She took our pictures and we started getting calls. We got work with Zane our very first day. This guy Mark Webb came in. He was looking for some guys for b.j. scenes. We started getting more calls and more calls."

Alex said living out of motels was getting expensive until he ran into Brick Majors on a set. Majors put him up at his place.

"Then the bigger companies started calling and I started making good money doing actual scenes; no more b.j.'s," Alex said. The irony is that his friend who actually wanted to be a porn star has already gone back to Canada. "It's been a wild trip," Alex says. "I've seen a lot of crazy stuff on the way here."

When it was mentioned to Alex that he bore a passing resemblance to Steven St. Croix, Alex was hard-pressed for the name but Brick Majors just shook his head, voting more for passing than resemblance. "The guys in the gym call St. Croix monkey boy," Majors said.

Alex says he intends to stick around for awhile. "I love California." Majors suggested that the next step for Alex was to bring his girlfriend from Canada into the business. "She's pretty good looking," said Majors. "We're going to put her into the movies." Alex said that hasn't happened yet because she's shy.

G. Ross: "She'll get over that after her first anal gangbang."