The Smoking Gun Nails Stacie Halas With BTS Comments

LOS ANGELES—The Smoking Gun appears to be getting its jollies kicking Stacie Halas (pictured) while she is down. Halas, you will recall, is the Oxnard Middle School teacher who made the questionable career choice to mix education with porn performing. Questionable only because there are always going to be assholes like, oh, The Smoking Gun (or Pornwikileaks, if you prefer) that make it their business to out you to the universe should you ever find yourself in a potentially embarrassing or compromising situation.

Halas has already been long since outed for her porn past, of course, and fired from her gig as a science teacher, but now that she is appealing the decision by the school board, TSG obviously thought it would be cute to publish portions of a behind-the-scenes interview she made that was included with one of her videos, titled No Cum Dodging Allowed 7. As such, the interview was not a state secret, but neither had it been publicized, until now.

In the footage, Halas is asked about the risks she's taking by performing, and rather than have the foresight to turn the camera off, she waded in and answered, and even addresses the issue of sex with underage kids. She said she was "not into the students," but the footage will nonetheless probably make her reinstatement that much more unlikely.

There will be those in and out of the industry who have no mercy for Halas—in performing as Tiffany Six over a few years, she made her own bed, after all—but those who take that position will also be admitting that they think porn should be a pariah activity for all time, and that she, of all people, should be forced to pay the ultimate price and lose her career. Others will have a far more forgiving—and in this observer's opinion, enlightened—attitude, despite the best efforts of media like The Smoking Gun to do her in.