The Roadmap To Beauty

It’s no revelation that the Internet is besieged with thousands and thousands of beautiful models, each with a story to tell and website to publicize. The real issue has always been where to find said Beautiful Ones in cyberspace. In what’s become a popular fusion of Webzine, P.R. firm and model resource center, numerous websites are presenting all encompassing porticos to models on the ‘Net, offering everything you want and need to know.

Think of it as the Union Station of Beautiful Babes.

A shining example of this modus operandi is Body-Rockin (, a slick website that presents a roadmap, if you will, for locating hundreds of models online. While there’s plenty of mega lists of model websites, Body-Rockin goes the extra mile, taking a page from newsstand glossies like Maxim and FHM to give the Surfer a complete editorial and visual experience, as well as providing a launching pad for discovering new and established models.

Free of charge, Body-Rockin works much like a Webmaster resource site, but one specifically for models, complete with information on design, photography and promotion. For the consumer, there are model galleries updated weekly (and archived thankfully) and broken into subsections like Rising Stars, Feature Girls of the Week, and Cover Girls; each model profile has a bio, usually a Q&A, assorted free pics, links to their site and other fluffy information like stats and hobbies.

It’s a nice system that A) introduces the girls to casual Surfers, B) provides further information for fans and C) it’s great exposure for the models.

Other belles and whistles include a Daily Photo, links to Featured Photographers, a store, Yahoo groups, Webcam girls, Body Spotlight, excellent gallery of similar model sites, Rockin’ Outfits and interactive fun. There’s also a way for models to submit their site for listing.

The website’s look and feel is quite impressive (courtesy of design house Georgia Asphalt), produced with vibrant colors and easy navigation. Georgia Asphalt has had a hand in the development of numerous official model sites – each notable in its originality.

Body-Rockin’s best feature might be the Model Directory, which lists each and every model on the site alphabetically. The models are also divided alphabetically into four categories: pin-ups, glamour/bikini, fitness and nude.

Perfectly soft-core, the site trends away from ‘porn’ in that none of these models are likely to have images of themselves on their official sites with a penis in their mouth and another hovering nearby their ass. Now in their personal lives, that’s another story.

Sure, there’s an exposed nipple here and a taut butt there (okay, perhaps there’s bound to be erotic images of naked women kissing and rubbing on each other), but generally the content is tame in comparison to what you might find at, let’s say,

Essentially Body-Rockin is a terrific ‘Net locale to observe really pretty girls looking, well, I guess looking really pretty. And there’s nothing bad about that let me tell ya.