The Other Platinum Pictures Now Selling Titles Only Via Web or Mail Order

Platinum Pictures Inc, the east coast ethnic pro-am company, says that their last video released to distributors, Lorenzo Loretto's It's Personal, was a success but Platinum X Pictures has impeded the east coast company’s distribution efforts by diluting their brand to the extent that Platinum Pictures Inc titles will from now on only be available via their Website or mail order.

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Lorenzo Loretto

"The company was starting to have some success when Platinum X Pictures flooded the adult world with its similar name. Instead of a long expensive trademark law suit, Platinum Pictures Inc. decided to preserver and focus on its loyal fan base,” read a company press release announcing the move.

Platinum Pictures started three years ago and have released 13 years title.

Individual retailers who wish to offer their customers more variety in terms of ethnic porn by contact the company directly and consumers can purchase videos at