The Latest Crack at Webmaster Boards –

It’s another webmaster board all right, but the developers of (FUPM) insist that this one is different.

After nearly two years of development, the doors have been opened on a highly modified industry-specific webmaster board, with several unique and custom coded features. One of the more impressive features is thread-type sorting, which is designed to cut through all the bogus posts with ease.

In the Business and Bullshit section everyone is a moderator. However, the FUPM development team has numerous checks and balances in place to prevent moderator abuse.

Another item worth mentioning is the point system and revenue-sharing program. FUPM offers its most valuable members a monthly bounty based on the forum’s gross monthly advertising revenues. The top 30 point earners for the month share 30 percent of that month’s gross advertising revenues. All premium banner advertising on FUPM is sold in Dutch auction format with reasonable starting bids.

FUPM also features an auction system, classifieds, a smiley manager, a service directory that is generated daily with active forum members, login tracking, post rankings, and additional forums for traffic trading and spam offers that can be sorted by type. “We’ve seen nearly 20 new boards hit the scene while we’ve been in development. Some of them look really nice, or have great people behind them, but none of them really offered anything new. By that, I mean anything above and beyond a stock installation of vbulletin, phpbb, etc., or anything that people in the community have been asking for, for years. This industry is supposed to be one of the most innovative on the Net. I just figured that we could do better job at representing its main meeting grounds,” says the site’s maintainer, Ajay.