‘The Human Sexipede’ Trailer Captures Mainstream Attention

LOS ANGELES—Though it’s still a week away from shipping to retailers, the Lee Roy Myers-directed The Human Sexipede is already drawing curiosity from mainstream.

Released through Tom Byron Pictures and distributed by Evolution Distribution, the movie is a parody of the horror film, The Human Centipede, which has been shocking audiences worldwide since its release.

Myers released a trailer of the movie and numerous websites have picked up on it. View the trailer at TheHumanSexipede.com.

Media buzz surround the title has come from New York Magazine, Spike TV, Z100 radio, AintItCoolNews.com, Manolith.com and BestWeekEver.tv.

The Human Sexipede sounds like a slam-dunk ‘Check out this ridiculous porn parody! idea, but the trailer below is absolutely bewildering—it’s actually, legitimately pretty funny and well-written,” BestWeekEver.tv wrote about the movie. “I’m not joking. And I don’t mean funny in a ‘Can you believe this crap?” kind of way—I laughed at several of the jokes in this. The effing is just icing on the cake.”

The Human Sexipede follows three unsatisfied tourists (Sunny Lane, Danica Dillan and Keni Styles), two of whom are sexy American women. Somehow the trio ends up being guinea pigs in a mad scientist’s (Tom Byron) twisted experiment to create the human sexipede—accomplished by sewing three people together, mouth to genitals.

“You might’ve heard of the ass-to-mouth contemporary classic The Human Centipede—because it displaced the previous ass-to-mouth classic Casablanca from it’s reigning position as champion,” Manolith.tv wrote. “That scene where Bogart is face-deep in Ingrid Bergman still gives me goosebumps. The Human Centipede was attacked and partially reviled for being a cheap exercise in S&M masquerading as a horror film.

“But now, porn producers have been able to make a cheap exercise in penetration masquerade as comedy. Which is win-win for everyone. Enjoy the trailer.”

Additionally, Myers and Byron are attempting to get the movie featured on Tosh.0, a show on Comedy Central hosted by Daniel Tosh. To submit the film for consideration, click here.

The Human Sexipede streets Sept. 30 through Evolution Distribution.

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