The Hedgehog Meets the Governator

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Ron Jeremy paid a rare visit to the AVN offices Friday afternoon to show off a photo of himself with California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The picture, taken at a recent fundraising/61st birthday dinner for Schwarzenegger, cannot be published or posted anywhere, on the governor's orders. But Ron wanted us to see it with our own eyes so we could vouch for its authenticity. (And yup, it's real, we swear.)

As long as he was here, we sat Ron down in front of the AVNLive cameras, and got him talking about the Schwarzenegger photo, his appearance alongside Master P, Dominique Swain and other stars on the cover of new mainstream DVD Toxic, and a few more exciting goings-on in the world of The Hedgehog.

To see the interview, click here.