The Eye-Vagina, Coming to a Billboard Near You

ANYWHERE—SC Johnson, the 124-year-old company that produces household cleaning and killing chemicals such as Pledge, Windex and Raid, hired Indonesian ad company DraftFCB to produce an eye-vagina ad that is getting the attention of mainstream marketing mavens.

SC Johnson, according to, “wanted to warn Indonesian parents to keep one wary eyebrow-less eye on what their children look at on TV and the Internet. So, being a family company, they eye-fucked us.” also commented, and added a link to a Bulgarian billboard ad for Penthouse that used the exact same image.

“The great thing about the eye-vagina, of course, is that it's all-purpose—it can also be pro-pornography,” they said.

Indeed. This eye-vagina, though not the very first of its kind, is still a sight to behold.