The Dice Man Cometh: Interview With Damon Dice

This article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see a copy of the digital edition.

Home State: North Carolina | Age: 28 | Height: 6 feet | Weight: 170 pounds | Hair: Brown | Eyes: Brown

Before trying his hand at porn performing, 2016 AVN Best Male Newcomer nominee Damon Dice was charting a course for himself as an entrepreneur in the tech arena—something he’s continued to pursue. But he just so happened to have a certain connection in adult through whom he found his way into its fold: a fellow student from his alma mater, East Carolina University, who’d begun to generate buzz as a starlet to watch by the name of Carter Cruise.

“I started a company in college and she was one of my first interns,” Dice recalled. “So I kind of knew her when she was one of those girls dancing on top of the bar at the club not knowing their direction in life. So, I moved out to California and started a tech start-up that didn’t go the way I wanted it to. Carter had just gotten into porn when I first moved out here. So I was exposed to it, and one thing led to another. I just kind of got in.”

Because of the success he’s seen Cruise have with her pursuits outside of porn, Dice views his choice to enter her line of work as no obstacle to his own non-adult ambitions.

“From watching her, and the path she’s taken, I’ve seen that my getting into adult won’t inhibit my entrepreneurial endeavors or my charity,” Dice said. “I’m building my own bridge on this, and we will see where it goes.”

Yes, that bridge also incorporates as part of its foundation a steadfast commitment to charitable endeavors; before ever shooting his first porn scene, Dice recruited Cruise and all-girl performer Vanessa Veracruz to co-host a fundraising event in West Hollywood for another former ECU schoolmate of his and Cruise’s who was battling leukemia.

“It’s just the way I was raised,” Dice proffered. “I was raised to give to others less fortunate than you. I had an experience in college that changed me. My [fraternity] house burned down in my junior year. I lost everything I owned. I was homeless, and I didn’t have any clothes, and my community gave to me. So just that and how I was raised, I had that spiritual thing, where I wanted to give back.”

He said he hopes to continue to merge his philanthropic pursuits and his adult ones, explaining, “I have a lot of people outside of the industry who want to help out with charity events, so there’s a lot of things I can tie to the adult industry because there is a lot of power and influence [within it] to help get the word out. It’s just trying to get everybody together. That’s my angle with the charity stuff, sort of full circle.”

As for the actual performing side of the coin, Dice said it was no big leap for him to take. “I was making sex tapes in high school,” he divulged. “I’ve always been an exhibitionist, so it was a natural progression for me. My friends back home say they aren’t surprised I’m doing this. ‘We knew you were going to do this the whole time.’ So instead of being gay and coming out of the closet, I am a porn star coming out of the closet.”

Looking to the horizon, Dice hopes to position himself as “kind of a liaison between adult and branding mainstream stuff. I’m opening up those avenues and tying them together to charity as well. It’s really an amalgamation of several different things. There’s no real method behind it. It’s just tying up loose ends and connecting the dots.”

Summing up his personal philosophy, Dice submitted, “You reap what you sow. What you put in, you get out. You can’t sit around and be lazy and expect things are going to happen. For me, I’ve always created my future.”

See some of Damon Dice’s sowing and reaping efforts in Boss Lady (New Sensations Tales From the Edge), Mistakes of Our Mothers 2 (Forbidden Fruits/Exile), Coming of Age 2 (Erotica X/O.L. Entertainment), Hot Chicks Big Fangs 2 (Digital Playground/Pulse), Naturally Nasty (James Deen/Girlfriends) and Red Light (Wicked Pictures).

And coming up for Damon Dice is a big role in Axel Braun's Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody, coming in June from Wicked Comix. Sporting green skin and a shaved head, Dice appears as the villain Brainiac.