The Best of the Best

After downing some free booze and snacking on some munchies at the Gay Webmasters Kick Off Bash (er, maybe I didn’t phrase that right), myself and fellow AVN Online scribe Stephen Ochs headed to Sapphire’s, a strip club on Industrial row, for the Girls of the Internet party, where Porno Dan played host and Vanilla DeVille won the Miss Nude Internet contest. I couldn’t help but wonder, what exactly qualifies as the “best” nude girl of the Net? I mean, there are soooo many naked ladies on the Web, what makes ones better than the others? Why was Miss DeVille -- a very nice, bright and beautiful girl, I might add -- crowned the best of the bunch? Let’s be real here. Can one chick be better at being naked than the others? How much more naked is she than the next gal?? Hey, to be titled the best nude girl out there, I have pretty high expectations. What is she, skinless? Turned inside out? Four tits?