The Battle Rages on for

Although Jim and Jenni Deans, owners of and, have spent the summer battling with neighbors and community groups after it was discovered they ran several adult sites from their home, the cool of fall hasn’t put out the fire.

After their home was vandalized and became the object of disdain for several small anti-porn rallies, the Deans’ webmaster event, The Capital Bash, has lost its home.

The club in which the event, slated for Nov. 26, was set to take place suddenly decided to close its doors to the Deans.

“They told the us they no longer wish to be associated with the event because they didn’t want to have their good name associated with the adult industry,” Jim Deans says, admitting his surprise.

“We were very upfront about the event with the owners of the club from the beginning,” he says, adding that he suspects that pressure from local conservative groups may have played a role in the change of heart.

“This self-appointed moral majority will stop at nothing to keep adult material from being produced in Ottawa, all the while [they’re] probably surfing it themselves,” he says.

The silver lining is that owners of an alternate venue have stepped forward to host the event.

In addition, Carol Cox and The Qwebec Expo have agreed to sponsor the party, and it will still go on as planned.

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