The Backstage Boogie At The <I>AVN</I> Awards

In the adult entertainment industry, the AVN Awards are a big deal. A very big deal. They don't call 'em the porn equivalent of the Oscars for nothing. The night of the awards ceremony, nerves are frayed, feathers are ruffled, and nails are bitten as the winners are announced.rnrn

As they are escorted offstage, the winners are ushered backstage where they take some quick pictures and indulge in some interviews before heading back to their seats. It is here that they are approached by an AVN scribe such as myself and asked about how it feels to win, if they were nervous, and any number of other silly questions.rnrn

And while the emotions certainly ran high throughout the evening, there was a wide range on display. Some were cool and collected while others were teary eyed and gasping for air. Some were the definition of professionalism while others simply could not have given two shits (pardon my French). rnrn

So let's take a peak behind the black curtain at the 2003 AVN Awards, shall we'rnrn

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil was clearly delighted to be participating in the show. In addition to presenting two awards, the Surreal World star was asked to perform his Crue hit "Girls, Girls, Girls" as the opening number and leapt at the opportunity. "I've been to the porn awards for many, many years," says the calm and cool singer. "I've never played but I've presented so it's perfect that they asked me to do 'Girls, Girls, Girls' this year. I mean, it fits. Start the fuckin' show off right!"rnrn

Spoken like a true rock star, always ready for action, never flustered. Well, almost never. Vince provided one or two moments of backstage drama at the awards show when he started screaming at a blonde in a lilac dress after walking offstage from presenting some awards. Apparently, the blonde in question was Vince's ex-wife, who waltzed backstage without a pass, right by security, and was waiting for him to serve him with some papers. He saw her and immediately yelled a hearty, "Fuck you! It's been two fucking years!!!" and stormed off. Said blonde was removed by security moments later. rnrn

The rock star quotient was also filled by Crazytown, who delivered a raucous performance of "Butterfly." "We're very excited to be playing for such a large room of sinners," frontman Shifty casually told before they hit the stage. rnrn

Others were not so composed.rnrn

"Oh my God! Two out of three, baby! Fuck yeah," screamed an elated Jenna Haze after scoring Best New Starlet and Best Solo Sex Scene. "I'm gonna get so fucking trashed right now! I said if I won I was getting trashed, and if I didn't win, I was getting trashed, so it's a win-win situation and I fucking won!"rnrn

Calli Cox was also stunned. "I'm still shaking," she panted. "We didn't expect this at all and it's an honor. We put so much hard work into that series, so it's nice to get the recognition we deserve."rnrn

"I didn't really expect this," said Best Female Performer Aurora Snow. "All I was thinking was 'Oh my God, what if I go up onstage and trip.'rnrn

Not everyone was so flustered about being on stage. "I definitely do not get nervous about the awards," said Stephanie Swift. "I'm used to being around everybody by now. It's always been [friendly competition] with me." rnrn

While the prospect of going onstage to accept an award did not faze Swift, she was overjoyed about another on stage experience. "They asked me if I wanted to sing backup for the opening act, Vince Neil. I was at the rehearsal today signing with him by myself. That was pretty exciting." rnrn

Yet, while some folks were glowing with excitement, others seemed to barely care. When asked about how it felt to win after snagging Best Director - Film for Fashionistas, John "Buttman" Stagliano simply commented, "Oh, it was okay."rnrn

Many were much more serious about their shot at victory. "I'm hoping to win at least one tonight. I have my heart set on Best Actor," said the multi-talented Brad Armstrong before the show began. "When we were writing Falling From Grace, I thought about giving up the role to someone else, but then I thought, 'this is too juicy,' so I decided to do it myself." rnrn

While Armstrong was certainly one of the big winners, it was Fashionistasstar and Ass Collector director Rocco Siffredi that really swept the awards this year. Fashionistas won a monumental 10 awards this year (including Best Film) and The Ass Collector nabbed three as well. "It always feels great because it shows people appreciate what you do," said Siffredi. Jitters? "It's like when I do the sex for the first time on the stage with the girls, it makes me nervous." rnrn

If Siffredi managed to keep his composure, his co-star Sharon Wild was not so lucky. "I am so honored and surprised," she gushed after picking up an award for Best Group Sex Scene - Film for her Fashionistas scene. "I am shaking. This is so unexpected. I just loved that scene with Rocco. Rocco was my dream, he is the man I always wanted to fuck. When I got the scene with him I was like 'Oh my fucking god.' I can't even believe it. It's beautiful. I was really nervous."rnrn

Director Michael Raven's video Breathless won four awards, one of which put him in a tie with Siffredi (Best Director - Video). Raven had no problem running neck and neck with the Italian stallion though. "I'm very happy. Some people say a tie is like kissing your sister but I'm like 'fuck that, a tie feels pretty good.' I'm honored to be sharing the stage with the great Rocco. I was incredibly nervous. I was about ready to open an artery out there!"rnrn

Lexington Steele turned out to be the other man of the evening, snaring his third Male Performer of the Year trophy as well as Best Anal Sex Scene - Video and Best Couples Sex Scene - Video. "The team of Lexington Steele, Alexa Ray and Jules Jordan is a fantastic combination," said Steele of Lex the Impaler 2.rnrn

After his second win, Steel turned and whispered, "It feels good. I put a lot of hard work into what we do here and I just want to make sure that everyone is recognized. People are working hard and dedicating themselves to doing good work, so I'm just a part of a good team."rnrn

So while the nominees, winners, and performers expressed a wide range of emotions backstage at the awards, and there was some minor drama behind the curtain, it was in general a smooth show and everyone seemed to have a good time. Clearly some folks take the awards very seriously, while others could care less, but the overall mood was one of respect, regard, and, most of all, fun. Dale D. Bone summed it up best when asked if he had a speech prepared if he won. "A lot of the nominees have something in mind if they win, and they get all flustered and have stuff prepared, but what am I gonna do, thank my mother? I mean, we're fucking for chrissakes!"