The Adult Broker Launches New Mainstream Division

The Adult Broker returns to mainstream marketing with the launch of a new division, IMainstream (IM).

The extended services now offered from The Adult Broker through IM are designed to fast track adult webmasters who want to push into the mainstream marketplace.

The Adult Broker, known for strategic marketing and business development services for adult webmasters, has pooled resources to offer a serious list of marketing services serving the mainstream arena. IMainstream focuses on the areas of co-partnerships, promotions, tie-ins, and up-sells in areas such as print publications, grassroots/events, brick-and-mortar marketing, merchandising and licensing, business development, sales program development, television/infomercial/radio/print campaigns, and discount media buys.

“IMainstream is not marketing in a box. We will work very much in tandem with The Adult Broker company philosophy of each client getting full company assessment, infrastructure building, as well as unique, longevity campaigns with professional and dedicated representation,” says Lori Z, the owner of The Adult Broker/IMainstream. “It is exciting to tap into roots that I spent over a decade building and I look forward to working with familiar business associates and bringing the marketplaces together to achieve new business success for clients.”

The Adult Broker will facilitate deals and campaigns and will be a thoroughfare to hooking up adult webmasters on the mainstream side. Lori Z’s experience in mainstream entertainment and strategic marketing spans across many channels. She has worked for FOX, NBC, CAA, CBS, Buena Vista and was the head of television programming for RNet, focusing on infrastructure building, program licensing, acquisition, and original productions. In addition she has worked in merchandise licensing for the Playboy brand and worked on marketing campaigns for dozens of mainstream companies.