That Darn Project Runway Ad Has L.A.'€™s Panties in a Bunch

LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles was a New York minute away from banning the Project Runway ad—featuring Heidi Klum as Marie Antoinette holding court before supplicating male and female nudes (privates covered)—before it apparently came to its senses and allowed the ad to run on a Sunset Boulevard billboard (pictured). At least we assume the city came to its senses. Maybe the billboard company went ahead and put it up anyway, so that Los Angeles would not lose out to New York, where the ads will run on buses and other places starting tomorrow.

Good thing, too, because the last thing Los Angeles needs is a cemented reputation as the prude capital of the West, a label it seems desperate to attain. Now the city will get some blowback from the Parents Television Council, which is a good thing for all concerned. They live to fume and fundraise about this stuff; the L.A. city council can push back against them and make believe for a few minutes that they’re not totalitarian power mongers; and log-jammed drivers on Sunset can check out the ad.

In fact, everyone wins when nudity wins.