Test Results Pending for Two Performers

Almost three weeks after Darren James’ HIV-positive diagnosis launched the current health scare within the adult industry, the industry braced itself for another shock as rumors began circulating yesterday that two more performers were HIV-positive.

Currently, those rumors are pure speculation, though two adult performers have pending HIV test results meaning that they have not been diagnosed as HIV-positive, nor have they received a negative result for their tests.

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One performer who has pending results is a woman who worked with Darren James and the other is a man who worked with Jessica Dee.

AIM Healthcare Foundation’s executive director Sharon Mitchell stated that she was unable to comment on the pending results.

So far there are only three victims of the current outbreak: Darren James, Lara Roxx and Jessica Dee.

In all three cases, the performer is believed to have been infected while performing in a double anal scene, an extreme sex scene that involves two men simultaneously inserting their penises into the woman’s anus.

All three scenes also involved an internal ejaculation into the woman’s vagina.

Mark Anthony was the other male in all three scenes. Currently quarantined, Anthony’s first HIV test was negative.

From the date of Darren James last negative test result, all performers he had worked until he was diagnosed as HIV-positive were quarantined, as were their partners from the date of the scene of exposure until the date they were quarantined.

Darren James is currently believed to have been infected during a scene he shot in Brazil with Bianca Biaggi.

Over the weekend Paulo Sergio, a Brazilian director who often works with American companies, reported that he had seen Biaggi’s latest test results and claimed that she was HIV-positive

Sergio identified himself as the man who had directed the Red Light Districts Yesterday I Was Seventeen, a video in which Biaggi performed.

David Joseph, owner of the Red Light District, confirmed that Sergio had shot Yesterday I Was Seventeen.

AIM expects to be able to confirm Biaggi’s status next week.

Jessica Dee performed in her scene with James and Anthony on March 23. Roxx performed her scene the next day.

There are currently 54 performers quarantined. Essy was added after to the list after it was discovered that on April 6 she had worked with a male performer who had worked with Jessica Dee.

In other news related to the current outbreak, Nicole Brazzle has been removed from the quarantine list. She had reportedly worked with a member of Jessica Dee’s first-generation, but both Brazzle and her alleged partner informed AIM that they had not worked together.

On a positive note, the Adult Industry Assistance Fund (AIAF) announced that they have raised $20,000 to assist the performers who have been infected with HIV and the people who have been quarantined.

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Nicole Brazzle, no longer

on quarantine list.

There will be a talent-only meeting regarding the development of a talent union, the Adult Actors Guild, tonight at STR-8 Up Studios in Northridge