Teravision Strikes VOD Deal With AEBN

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – VOD provider AEBN and adult production company Teravision have inked a deal that will make Teravision content available throughout the AEBN network.

Currently, AEBN has fourteen Teravision titles available: thirteen of them are available for download only, while one, Appetite for Destruction, is available for live streaming. That number will increase as more titles are added to the AEBN library, all of which will fall under AEBN's new premium content designation.

“I don't even know how to explain how excited I was when that contract finally came in,” said AEBN’s Erin Burns. “I am not a quiet person so needless to say most of the office heard a loud ‘fuck yeah!’”

Burns and Teravision's Evan Seinfeld originally began negotiations at last year's Exxxotica Miami, for which Teravision President and starlet Tera Patrick was the official spokes model and hostess.

“Let's face it, everyone knows who Tera Patrick is, so the deal was a no-brainer,” continued Burns. “We plan on doing a great many things with Teravision in the future. They are always open to new ways of promotion and are willing to explore exciting new avenues to further both our business brands. Evan and I are constantly talking about industry trends and the new ideas that come from them.”

“We at Teravision look forward to the unlimited potential of our relationship with AEBN and merging two true top brands,” said Seinfeld. “We have been working on this deal for a year to make sure we can participate in VOD and benefit from new revenue streams, top technology, and massive traffic without devaluing our product. Teravision and Vivid have been working very hard to keep our VOD model from alienating the price point of our DVD market.

“Tera and I feel that preserving premium pricing for our product in any medium is essential to keeping our brand value high and the value of high-end porn in general up. We urge our fellow studios to do the same and be creative with all our distributors in every medium to maintain price integrity for the entire industry in general, even in a changing market. AEBN's creativity in creating an amazing experience for their end user is now a huge benefit to Teravision, and we are happy to make our Tera Patrick and Teravision movies available to a huge and brand new audience.”

For more information, go to www.aebn.com.