Teravision Releases Sancho’s <i>Ferocious</i>

STUDIO CITY, Calif. – On Thursday, longtime Teravision producer Sancho will unveil Ferocious, his directorial debut for the label. The movie features starlets Angie Savage, Daisy, Paulo Rey, Jayme Langford, Madison Young, Carly Parker, Roma and Jaclyn Case.

“I think that people are going to be really excited about this movie, visually, because it will look so much different than anything else out there,” Sancho told AVN.com. “And the sex is pretty great. The scene with Angie and Devon Savage had some excellent improvised moments…and it has the hardest scene I’ve ever scene live, with the tryst between Jayme Langeford and Jay Lassiter. I never knew a girl could get fucked like that.

“I wanted to create something that focused on the beautiful women in the cast, but fit with the artistic vision I was going for. It was important that we push things sexually. Anyone can make a movie that looks good, but without the kind of sexual intensity that the girls gave me, we have nothing.”

Though new to the porn director's chair, Sancho has worked on music videos for Korn, Limp Bizkit, Stone Temple Pilots and Jett.

“To me porn is rock and roll and my time in the trenches of the music business was just boot camp compared to what I can artistically do and sleazily get away with in adult.”

Sancho, who is also acting as producer for all of the titles in Teravision’s Celebrity Series, helped rocker Dave Navarro develop his adult debut, Broken.

“This movie, like Dave Navarro's Broken, is an expression of my desire to run in the opposite direction from what is happening in adult right now,” said Sancho. “Although one thing will always remain the same and that's way hot girls who like to bang it out! It’s my first movie, and I’m really excited. You have to start somewhere and I think it’s a pretty good debut…we’ll see how it goes.”

Sancho said he’ll start work on his next project at the beginning of November.

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