Tera Wray Weds Static-X Frontman

LAS VEGAS - Pleasure Productions contract girl Tera Wray tied the knot with her boyfriend Wayne Static of Static-X on Jan. 10 in Las Vegas.
“We are married and very happy,” said Tera. “We love each other, that's why we did it; he's perfect.”
The couple met during the summer 2007 Ozzfest tour where Wray was performing with the Hustler Lingerie Girls and Static-X was playing the front stage. Director Matt Zane was among the first to hear the news of Wray's nuptials last week during AEE.
"Tera kept asking Wayne if he told me," said Zane, who directed Wray in Tattooed and Tight, Punkd Ur Ass 2 and the metal-porn video Radium. "Wayne just kept saying that he wanted her to tell me. So when they finally did I was shocked. I thought they were kidding but it is 100% true. I wish them the best. I think they are great for each other. I have been around them a lot since Ozzfest and I have to say they make an amazing couple."
Wray is currently gearing up to shoot the second volume in the Radium series with Zane. For more information, tune into Zane's weekly Society 1 Television webcast at Youtube.com/ZaneEntertainment.