Tera Wray To Host Morning Radio Show

Pleasure Productions contract girl Tera Wray will be hosting 'Porn Flakes', a new call-in radio segment, on Richmond, Virgina's Y101. 'Porn Flakes' will air every Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. EST. during the station's Morning Sludge show. 

"I'm ecstatic to be a regular part of the morning crew," said Wray, who befriended Morning Sludge hosts Sludge and Special Ed during her two past visits to the show.

Sludge, who describes himself as a regular dude who loves beer and surfing MySpace for really hot chicks, believes Wray's program will benefit many of Y101's listeners.

"I believe 'Porn Flakes' will be an oasis for the lonely desperate men in Richmond who jerk off into socks everyday," he quipped. "Guys ...like myself."

Along with discussing the ins & outs of the porn life, Wray introduces a woman's sensibility to the often testosterone-driven Morning Sludge program. "Tera brings a woman's voice to the show, something we've never really had before," said Morning Sludge producer Dash. "Now all of the listeners will be able to ask anything they want to ask about sex, relationships, and....well anything."

"Getting, and keeping, people up is Tera's specialty," added John Paone, publicist for Pleasure Productions. "It will be a fun, lively, entertaining segment for people in their cars, at home, and on the Internet."

Porn Flakes with Tera Wray makes its debut on April 6th. Listeners are encouraged to call Wray up with questions at 804-345-9101. Those outside the Y101 broadcast area can catch the show live via the Internet at www.y101rocks.com.

Wray's next big release is Cone Alone, in which the starlet demonstrates the use of the "revolutionary" Cone vibrator alongside Kurt Lockwood, Savannah Stern, Veronique Vega, Nadi Phuket, Vanessa Videl and Guy DiSilva. Wray also shot an instructional video for the toy.