Tera Patrick Stars in <i>Flawless</i>

LOS ANGELES - "It's definitely one of my best movies. It's one of my favorite movies, for sure."

So Tera Patrick described her new movie Flawless, directed by Chi Chi La Rue for Teravision/Vivid Entertainment/Pulse. Shot toward the beginning of Patrick's comeback a couple of years ago, the light comedy stars Patrick as a supermodel whose prize possession — the largest diamond ring on the planet — gets stolen from her, leading to an onslaught of wackiness.

"It's a good story; it's a funny story," said Patrick. "It was great to work with Chi Chi La Rue; he's one of my favorite people — not just one of my favorite directors."

Agreed La Rue, "I love working with Tera Patrick; I consider her a friend. We had a really good time. A friend of mine was in it in a non-sexual role, a drag queen friend of mine named Jackie Beat, and I hope she gets nominated for Best Non-Sex Role, because it's really funny.

"I had a Chi Chi La Rue touch on it," the director said. "I had guys in rhinestone necklaces as servants to a jewelry monger woman, and Tera Patrick was on a talk show talking about the fact that she was engaged and she just got this gigantic diamond, and the woman is asleep on the bed with all this jewelry and she sits up in bed and plots to steal the diamond. And Evan [Seinfeld], or Spyder, is her henchman, but ends up falling for Tera, so he gets a fake ring, and it ends up like all these different people have all these different fake rings, and you don't know which is the real ring and which is the fake ring. It's a cute movie."

It also happens to be only the second movie in which Patrick performed girl/girl, getting paired with longtime girl/girl queen Felecia.

"Felecia is just so beautiful and so cool," Patrick said. "I'd always had a crush on her. She's definitely one of the most beautiful women in the industry, and when Chi Chi was like, 'Who do you want to work with?' I said, 'You know, I've always wanted to work with Felecia,' and Chi Chi said, 'That's amazing! In all my years in the industry, I never worked with Felecia; I'd like to work with her, too.' So I definitely think that's one of the highlights of the movie; I know the fans will really enjoy that scene."

One not-so-pleasant thing that La Rue remembers about the shoot is that during it, he was stricken with a heart attack. "I'll always remember it as the movie I had the heart attack on," he laughed. "It's called not eating right, not taking care of yourself, and partying too much. It was a wake-up call for me, and now I'm at the gym and eating right and losing weight. A porno movie opened my eyes to my health. Who'da thunk it?"

Patrick, in other news, is opening her eyes to a new sideline: DJing. That's right, DJ Tera Patrick is set to make her debut at Chicago's Soundbar this Saturday night, Sept. 29.

Planning to spin a healthy mix of hip-hop, rock, house and other genres, Patrick said, "I'm hoping that I don't do too bad a job, and that I can come back again. If everyone stops dancing, I'll know I've done something wrong. I'll just get on the mic and start singing in that case."

Flawless is available now. To order, contact David Peskin at (866) 466-6969 ext. 108 or via e-mail at [email protected]