Taylor Wane Novelty Items Now Available To Retailers

Adult performer Taylor Wane has a new line of self-promotional, unique novelty items.

“Taylor Wane realized about a year ago that with the new state laws requiring that some adult video stores carry seventy percent of their stock as novelty items, that the marketplace was wide open for it,” Wane’s husband Laurien DuTremble told AVN.com. “She decided to create her own novelty items and utilize them in a way that would help promote her website and her new movie line.”

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Taylor Wane's Private Dancer Strip Tease Pens

Taylor Wane’s Private Dancer Strip Tease Pens are available in boxes with fifty pens per box and the pens are available in five different colors.

“No one in the United States makes these pens. We had to actually get these made in Germany and going to conventions, we were able to test-market the items to see how they went and everything we test-marketed did really well,” DuTremble said.

Taylor Wane Collector Watches come in a metal protective case and were also inspired by Wane’s time on convention floors.

“We picked up an airline magazine while coming back from a convention and saw these logo watches and decided to try it,” DuTremble said with a smile.

The Taylor Wane Resin Model Kit is a best seller for Wane and DuTremble at conventions and is constructed with a resin process that only allows about twenty-five models to be made from each mold. It is made to be displayed on a Plexiglas mirrored stand.

“We have them available so they are pre-painted and pre-assembled or people can put them together themselves," DuTremble said.

Retailers or distributors wishing to carry these products can email DuTremble at [email protected].