Tasha Reign Featured in LA Weekly

LOS ANGELES—LA Weekly featured Tasha Reign's "secret" life as a college student in an article on its website and in its print edition today. The article on Reign was the alt-weekly's lead story.   

Despite the fact that Reign attending UCLA as a Women's Studies major is not-so-secret and has been reported in numerous venues (shocker! porn stars go to college too), the piece begins as Reign starts the summer session at UCLA in a class called Sex and the Cinema—something she is intimately acquainted with.

Reign, whose real name is Rachel, is described as breaking the mold in the classroom. "The blonde. Rachel. Her hair is in pigtails, one hand wrapped around her rhinestone-encrusted iPhone, the other fingering her pink pen," wrote Adam Popescu. "She fidgets and she giggles, her light green eyes glancing from phone to professor constantly. She stashes her Louis Vuitton bag below her desk, tucks her feet under her petite frame and curls up in her seat."

The article goes on to discuss Reign's highly-publicized run-in with former prez Bill Clinton, her stint on MTV reality show Laguna Beach, and her time at UCLA which began in 2010 after transferring from Santa Monica College.

At a lecture in front of a UCLA psychology class, Reign said the toughest thing about leading a life as a college student and a porn star is the stigma she has to deal with from people outside the industry who judge her for doing porn.

"As Sex and the Cinema draws to an end, Rachel approaches her new professor and invites her to watch a porn shoot. Professor Moorman accepts," Popescu writes. "Bubbling and happy, Rachel floats out of class, only to be stopped by one of her classmates. He wants to take a photo. She accepts, knowing this photo won't have as long a shelf life as others.

"Skipping along in her sandals, backpack bouncing, she runs off to her next class. Can a person be normal when they're paid to have sex on camera? Both Tasha and Rachel say yes."