Tanya Tate Makes Headlines in Ireland After Sex Scandal

WEXFORD, Ireland—Adult star Tanya Tate is making front-page headlines in the overseas press after it was discovered that a professional Irish hurler was one of her co-stars.

Greg Jacob, a member of the Wexford senior hurling panel, initially denied appearing in Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland.

“It was just a bit of fun. It was a dare from the lads,” he said.

So did Tate know about her famous on-screen partner before they shot?

"He did mention that he played sports such as hurling and football and he did have a fit body, but was not specific," Tate told AVN. "Hurling in an Irish sport and is relatively unknown in the U.K., for me I had not seen this sport before. It was only after the event I found out he really was a professional sportsman."

The scandal came to light after the movie was shown on Television X in recent weeks.

“I don’t know for certain but as they say, the dogs in the street are barking it down here,” a senior rugby official told the Irish Mail. “It wasn’t brought up officially anywhere. Having said that, everybody was talking about it at matches at the weekend. Everybody was talking about it.”

Media outlets that have covered the story include the Irish Sunday World, The Daily Mail, The Irish Independent and the Belfast Telegraph.

“The guy in question was one of the stars of my series,” Tate said. “He applied to come on my Tanya Tate casting couch to try out to be the next Irish porn star. I want to see more of him. I have firsthand experience of him on more than one occasion. He was a great sport, a good performer and he even made me squirt, what more could I ask for? I do believe he stands a very good chance of having a successful career in porn if he wanted to.”

After initially being asked about his appearance in the sex vid by the Irish press, Jacobs denied it, but has now come around.

"I'm not ashamed of what I did, I just didn't want the family to know," Jacob told the Belfast Telegraph. "No one knows, only a few friends and that's the way I want to keep it.

Ultimately Jacobs said that he wouldn’t rule out appearing in another video with Tate.

"My friends are all saying 'fair play'—and I got a few pound," he said. "Yeah, I suppose it was great."