Tanya Tate Hits the Gym for Penthouse Directorial Debut

Tanya Tate had the Olympics on her brain. And who could blame her with all those fit athletes getting sweaty and competing for their countries in form-fitting or barely there outfits, which no doubt influenced Tate’s directorial debut for Penthouse.

Dubbed MILF Matches & Teen Snatches, Tate’s sports-themed older woman/younger girl vignette release was shot right around the Olympics this summer, not coincidentally being held in Tate’s native England.

“I have a question. Are they really not allowed to have sex during the Olympics?” Tate asked referring to the age-old suspicion that athletes abstain from sex the night before competition. “I reckon a whole lot more must happen. Sports definitely makes the cock rise.”

Yes, it does, Tanya, at least if you’re watching women’s beach volleyball.

Tate, who’s directed previously for Filly Films, pitched the idea to Penthouse, wrote the script and did all the casting. It was seemingly a natural fit to center her movie on athletic competition; judging by her extremely taut physique, she’s rock solid.

“I really was interested in directing for Penthouse; I knew they had talent direct, and I had some experience, so I pitched the idea to them,” Tate told AVN on set at Penthouse Studios in mid-August. “They let me come up with the script and pick my talent, so this is very exciting.

“It’s really great working for Penthouse,” she added. “They have a great team of people. I had an idea and everyone does their part to bring it to life. It’s nice to be part of something like this.”

There also was the added challenge of shooting in 3D since Penthouse distributes its content on its broadcast platforms worldwide, many of which are 3D channels.

“Shooting in 3D is unique because getting the technical elements right is challenging,” Tate confessed. “There’s more that goes into setting up a shot, checking the monitors, aligning the cameras, so it’s a nice challenge and very cool to watch as we shoot it.”

MILF Matches & Teen Snatches’ match-ups included Samantha Ryan and Ryan Driller paired in a boxing scene full of pugilistic fury; Elaina Raye shooting hoops with Alex Jones on the basketball court; India Summer and Nick Jacobs in a gym’s reception area; a girl/girl oil wrestling scene with Katja Kassin and Krissy Lynn; and a Crossfit workout with Adrianna Luna and Derrick Pierce.

AVN just happened to be on set during a locker room tryst in which Eric Masterson, a pervy gym teacher, spies on nubile young coeds Presley Hart and Maddy O’Reilly before joining the action himself.

The scene starts off with the two girls dressed in Catholic schoolgirl uniforms talking about their horn dog gym instructor. Presley demonstrates on Maddy just how grabby Eric has been before getting extra touchy-feely by starting to act out what Eric really wants to do.

Meanwhile, back in his office, Eric is watching the girls’ heavy petting on the locker room’s security camera. Getting all hot and bothered, he decides to join the girls before the opportunity passes him by.

Presley and Maddy are fine physical specimens; both are taut and toned and love playing around. Threesomes always provide plenty of cool positions—for instance, Presley on all fours on the locker room bench getting her pussy eaten from behind while Eric rails Maddy in doggy; and Eric on his back with Presley riding his dick and Maddy smothering him with her pussy while sitting on his face. Team sports are fun!

Tate certainly is attentive to the fine details of the scene, debating where to place the surveillance camera and using an establishing shot for the cutaway to Eric in his office so the viewer knows the girls are being filmed. She’s also keen at deciding the camera positioning for maximum 3D “pop.”

“I see directing for Penthouse as a big step in my career,” Tate said proudly. “I’ve shot for Penthouse before as talent, performed in the live Danni.com shows, and it’s nice to make a fun, sensual movie with a great cast and crew here. Coming from England to L.A., from working in an office to shooting porn movies, walking red carpets and being part of this industry, I’m such a lucky girl.”

This article originally ran in the October issue of AVN magazine. To see the digital edition, click here.

Tanya Tate's MILF Matches & Teen Snatches will be released in Europe first on Penthouse HD and Penthouse 3D.