Names Division Representatives, a division of TrackingSoft LLC, has announced the names of the representatives who have been assigned to handle each of the three divisions of their Adult Webmaster Referral Network. Mandy Haga will serve as the Sponsor Representative, Laurice Lindsay Alford will act as the Webmaster Representative. and Beth Belcher will be the Advertiser Representative.

"Every one of these ladies is a force to be reckoned with. I should know; I deal with them everyday," CEO Craig Belcher told "We take pride in our customer service, which is something that is easily overlooked by many merchants in the online world. Taking care of our customers is how we got to where we are today. I'm very excited knowing that these ladies will now be focusing on the recruitment and expansion of each one's field expertise. It will benefit everyone who is a part of the network, whether they are a sponsor, Webmaster, or an advertiser."

Haga has been with TrackingSoft since July 2001 and is looking forward to taking on the responsibilities of serving as the Sponsor Representative. Mandy has many promotions lined up for new sponsors, so anyone looking to start their own Webmaster referral network should contact her at [email protected].

"With my diverse eight year background in both the legal field and client relations, I believe I bring to TrackingSoft, LLC the qualities necessary to provide superior service and support to our existing and potential clientele," Haga told AVN Online.

Lindsay has been with TrackingSoft since 2001 and has many incentives lined up for any Webmasters who sign up with She can be reached at [email protected].

"Adult Webmasters are the most vital, invaluable and integral part of the adult Internet mix," she Lindsay. "As Webmaster rep, it’s going to be exciting and challenging to make sure that TabooRevenue Webmasters have the information, communication, and support they need to be pace setters in the adult community."

Belcher is one of the newest members to the TrackingSoft team and has new incentives to offer to new advertisers. For a limited time advertisers can get their programs listed in our Sponsor Directory for free. She can be emailed at [email protected].

"Although I am new to the TrackingSoft, I have had an extensive background in customer relations and support," said Belcher. "As advertiser representative, I am looking forward to establishing mutually profitable relationships with those companies who already have Webmaster referral programs in place."

"In order to act as a true Adult Webmaster Referral Network, I felt that it was important to appoint an individual to each of the relationship divisions of the Network," Belcher said. "We needed someone available that can act in the best interest of each relationship and be easily accessible to handle any questions or concerns that may arise."