Taboorevenue.Com Adds New Sponsor Programs

Adult Webmaster referral network introduces several new additions to their Sponsor Directory this week, including’s, superhero-themed moneymakers and glass dildo specialists

"We have a variety of quality sponsors offering great content, excellent payouts and a dependable backend in our Sponsor Directory,” TabooRevenue Sponsor Representative Mandy Haga told AVN Online. “I am thrilled to be able to add these new sponsors to that list."

Other new additions to Taboorevenue’s Sponsor Directory include hardcore amateur girl site, wet girl site, personals site, 24/7 live house cam site, wireless sex toy experts and big Tits/golden showers enthusiasts

"The addition of these new sponsors continues to show what we have been saying for months, that there is an obvious need for a true Adult Affiliate Network that is looking after the best interests of both the sponsors and the Webmasters,” TabooRevenue CEO Craig Belcher said. ” is here to fill that need.”

"New sponsor programs mean our webmasters have the opportunity to use TabooRevenue as a one-stop-shop for unique and profitable partnerships,” added Webmaster Representative Laurice Lindsay Alford. “Couple that with TabooRevenue's personal webmaster support and you get a relationship that's valued by Sponsors and Webmasters mutually. TabooRevenue webmasters are a notch above the rest. Period."