T3Report Releases Version 2.0

Cydata Services has released version 2.0 of its traffic mapping service, T3Report.

T3Report is the summation of independent spidering of the adult online sector to create a report that reveals linking relationships between websites. A typical T3Report would be run on a sponsor or pay site domain with the report revealing affiliate websites and, additionally, from where the affiliates receive their traffic.

Version 2.0 provides real-time access to T3Report data, rather than a compiled monthly report with weekly updates. Additional upgrades include a notes feature.

New enhancements in the works include a contact button for each domain listed in the T3Report that retrieves any email address found on the website and a snapshot image of the website.

“Every time we do a walkthrough with a customer on their ordered T3Report, they are amazed at the amount of data revealed in the report to help their affiliate managers spot good affiliates to entice into their program,” says Brandon “Fight The Patent” Shalton, chief executive of Cydata Services.

The company also plans to release a new report in a few weeks called the T3Affiliate Report. This report is geared specifically toward sponsor programs, revealing all the pages on an affiliate website that have links to the sponsor along with all pages that are not linked to the sponsor. Each page has summary statistics that reveal direct linking relationships to specific pages. A keyword overlay will allow highlighting of specific pages on the affiliates, and on their referring traffic that uses the desired keyword, in order to find qualified traffic for that keyword or niche.

“Affiliate managers can contact the affiliate and literally suggest to them what specific page their link should be on to maximize the traffic exposure to the program,” Shalton says.

A T3Report can be ordered for a competitor’s domain in order to locate potentially good affiliates for new sources of traffic. A T3Report on a company’s own domain can reveal underperforming affiliates who may have good sources of traffic linking to them.

The T3Flow statistic, created by T3Reports, is a quick way to judge how well an affiliate is performing.