T.T. Boy's Evasive Angles Hitting All the Angles

AVN Hall of Famer and multiple AVN Award-winner T.T. Boy travels the world monthly finding the most beautiful women to star in his videos and with the creation of his own company, Evasive Angles, he's finding runaway success.

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Things are happening fast and furious for T.T. Boy these days. He recently announced that he's taken over distributing his own series, Spanish Fly Pussy. In addition, Boy's Orgy World, Little White Slave Girls and 4 X 4 are finding breakthrough success with distributors, retailers and most importantly, fans of intense sexuality, great music and female talent from all over the globe, some of who are never again seen in adult productions.

"I love women, especially ethnic women, so I frequently go to places no one else will travel to, from Colombia to Cuba and all parts of South America and Europe," Boy told AVN.com on the eve of one of his monthly jaunts, this time to Budapest and Prague.

"I make sure to include all types of beautiful women in all my movies, especially hot, new girls that love interracial sex. I look for the best bodies, hottest sexual performers, women that turn me on," Boy said in his typically understated style.

Known for delivering some of the most consistently arousing performances in the history of hardcore, Boy is anxious for retailers to check out his latest creation, 3 Black Dicks and a Spanish Chick, due to be released June 15. In addition to directing it, Boy also wrote, scored and performed on the soundtrack, a catchy hip-hop groove that fans of Dr. Dre should certainly appreciate.

"These girls are amazing and they all love working with black guys, especially guys with big cocks that really let 'em have it," Boy noted, adding that he is equally excited about another new title, Big Bubble Butt Brazilian Orgy, due out at the end of June.

"I've got mad butts, big juicy asses, women with serious back," Boy said with a laugh. "Brazilian women are known for their bodies and beauty and I've traveled outside the usual places to find unique and intense sexual performers, the kind I want to be with myself."

Sales have been increasing with each new release and Boy mans the phones himself when he's not traveling, shooting, editing and scoring his own movies.

"This is what I wanted to do my whole life," Boy said. "I love this business and for all those people who have had fun at my expense, all I can say is who is laughing now?"

With Spanish Fly Pussy up to ten volumes, Orgy World (including Orgy World: Brown and Round) and Little White Slave Girls each up to four volumes and the hugely successful 4 X 4, Evasive Angles has become a dynamic force in the high-end gonzo market.

Interested distributors and retailers are advised to stock this product in its own section since Boy's fierce sexuality and eye for casting gorgeous white girls and ethnic beauties is proving to be a powerful line that retail customers are going out of their way to find.

Contact T.T. Boy at Evasive Angles, 20956 Itasca St., Chatsworth, CA 91311. Office: (818) 993-1832, Fax: (818) 993-3156 or Toll Free: (866) 993-1832. Fans can check out more what's going on in the world of T.T. Boy by visiting www.ttboy.com.

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Click here to listen to the soundtrack with lyrics to Three Black Dicks and a Spanish Chick. Warning! Explicit Lyrics.