T-Shirt Hell Unleashes Gift-Wrap Hell

No-holds-barred T-shirt makers T-Shirt Hell announced today that they are introducing a line of cleverly designed wrapping paper called Wrap Hell.

This wacky, risqué wrapping paper allows one to express exactly how s/he feels about the holidays, birthdays or whatever occasion in a cute, funny and sometimes lightheartedly offensive manner. For example, the "Happy F**king Whatever" gift-wrap features that delightful slogan in tasteful gold script with graphics of Santa, a menorah, an American flag, a pumpkin, a birthday cake and more.

If you don't think mistletoe goes far enough, try the subtle, "Tearing this paper signifies your consent to perform oral sex on the giver" wrap. Or if the "Gang Bang Elves" wrap or yellow "Biohazard” wrap isn’t your thing, then maybe you’d prefer the "Christ Mas Tree" wrap, which features Jesus on a crucifix, sporting a Santa hat; or the wrap that simply reads, "More than 600 children die of starvation each day in Ethiopia. Enjoy your gift." 

“People are thrilled, and can’t get enough of it,” enthused T-Shirt Hell Head of Produce Gary Tapedeck to AVN.com “We wanted to give people a choice in something that wasn’t available to them. Regular gift-wrap is so boring."

T-Shirt Hell is the number one T-shirt retailer on the Internet as tracked by Alexa.com. For the past two years they have been subjecting the world to their uniquely twisted brand of humor with a full line of politically incorrect T-shirts, offensive baby shirts and crazy underwear.

“We are the most outrageous [novelty shirt manufacturer out there],” said Tapedeck. “Nothing is off-limits, and nothing is taboo. We are equal opportunity offenders.”

This week is the last week T-Shirt Hell will guarantee delivery before Christmas.