Daddy’s Way: Inside the Making of Sybil Raw

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LOS ANGELES—Sybil admits that her new gold grill adds a degree of difficulty to tonight’s activities.

“I wear first time for shooting,” she explains. “I just got them a week ago and it’s a bit uncomfortable and a bit harder to talk actually. Before I had a different kind.”

It’s pouring rain in downtown LA, where the Ukrainian star is sitting in the backseat of a black Lincoln Town Car, moments away from hopping out to pose for photos on the street.

She became Daddy Sybil a few times already today—transforming into the tough-talking alter ego she created for her sensational all-girl venture Sybil Raw—in a gritty but glamorous strap-on sex session with Liz Jordan.

Wearing a blue pants suit over a neon green shirt with a black leather jacket, yellow Nike’s and her long brown hair slicked back, she’ll stay in character for the dialogue scene with Jordan following their photoshoot.

They’ll do that in public, too, wherever they can find some available light.

Sybil and her partner—the former mainstream director and photographer Chef—make sure the vibe of Sybil Raw lives up to its name, striving to capture authentic, cinematic, run-and-gun footage without skimping on the hardcore.

“We want always to make something cool,” Sybil tells me. “For my fans on the beginning it was like, ‘Oh no, our Sybil, we will never see her with a guy.’ People was fighting it. But now after some time I gain new fans because people like this project, Sybil Raw.

“I think it could be something new in girl/girl.”

She continues, “Everything starts from Chef saying I’m gangsta at home. He’s like, ‘You are evil, you are gangsta… You have to do something gangster.’ And then we tried one time in Budapest and it just went so well. I didn’t expect I could do this.

“I had some feelings inside that I’m not sure people will like it, but the more we do, the more people who like it.”

It’s no wonder why.

Not only does Sybil perform in every episode, many of the top girls in the industry join her.

Just in the past five months she initiated the likes of Tru Kait, Nicole Doshi, Angel Youngs, Melissa Stratton, Lilly Bell, Skye Blue, CJ Miles, Kiara Cole and Kazumi—introducing them to her XXL black, strap-on dildo in multiple positions.

But even with more than 60 Sybil Raw updates so far on her OnlyFans with many more on the way, Sybil says she and Chef only shoot new material when and how they want.


“It’s not about put it out every week,” she tells me. “It’s more about if we have a good girl. If we have someone who can do really good we are shooting. If no, then we are not shooting.

“I think the most important is not really the quantity but quality.

“When people like your product they will always wait and they will come to see the new one. You can be filling your site with a bunch of so-so scenes or you can have only top, but maybe not so often.”

Enter Liz Jordan, the fast-rising American star who met Sybil for the first time today, less than two weeks after winning her first AVN Award—for Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene with Vanna Bardot—at the 41st annual ceremony on January 27 in Las Vegas.

Liz got together with Sybil for a softer lesbian hookup in her high-rise hotel room a couple hours ago, steaming up the windows in the process before they switched to a harder, faster, Daddy Sybil-style pounding—and then ventured outside.

“It was such a fun day,” Liz tells me, as she shares the backseat with Sybil, clad only in lingerie, heels and a trench coat.

A native of Northern California who broke into adult during the pandemic in the spring of 2020, Liz reveals she’s been watching Sybil for years. When she noticed what she was doing with Sybil Raw, it only heightened her desire to collab.

“They do very moody, almost rough scenes and I love that about them,” Liz continues. “Everything they do, they do it with passion.

“I’m just starting to shoot more content like this where it’s not with big production companies. And I really loved it. As soon as I showed up it was fun...”


When Sybil launched the project in 2022 it marked a departure of sorts for the former barista and seasoned makeup artist who made her adult modeling debut for MetArt in 2013 when she was 18.

She since has amassed more than 400 credits, working multiple times for every major studio in Europe and becoming one of the most sought-after performers in the world along the way.

Even though the Kiev native plays a serious pimp when she gets suited and strapped, she tells me Sybil Raw first and foremost is about letting the good times roll.

“Production is easy, and content production is more fun,” Sybil says. “I enjoy the process of taking an idea and making it into a scene. We don’t have the rules that mainstream porn have, so we are free to do whatever we like.

“My favorite part is the sex. I love to strap the girls and see how much they are enjoying it. We shoot the sex in one take so we’re doing what feels good to us.”

It was when she stepped onto Chef’s set in 2018 for a scene with Jason Luv for Blacked Raw that she realized how much fun porn could be. Then in 2021 she noticed Chef was in Budapest shooting content, so she reconnected with him for another memorable experience.

Fast forward to January 2022, when she called Chef again suggesting they collaborate. A week later, he arrived in Budapest and they created Sybil Raw.

“The idea is to just have fucking fun and not treat it like it’s so serious,” Chef tells me. “We’re fucking. We get paid to do this and we get to run around do whatever the fuck we want. It’s the best job in the world.”




A native of LA, Chef brought his filmmaking talent to adult 12 years ago—the last seven of which have been on a commercial basis—after traveling the world shooting mainstream movies and commercials for 18 years.

He’s a member of the Directors Guild of America and half of the notorious porn directing duo known as Disciples of Desire—along with fellow LA native Stepbrother Chad.

Tonight’s crew consists only of Chef and Chad—and a snake handler named Claudius who goes by the nickname, The Snakefather.

Claudius brought three reticulated pythons to the hotel for the photos with Sybil and Liz. They decide to model with the snake named Butter, a two-year-old that is 7 feet long and weighs 15 pounds.

“She has a lot more growing to do,” Claudius says. “This is one of the largest species of snakes in the world. They get well over 20 feet long.”

Claudius reveals that he owns 64 snakes from five different species that are all different colors and sizes. He supplies them for photoshoots, seminars, music videos and private events, such as Kazumi’s wild birthday party a few days ago.

“These are raised in captivity so they’re used to human interaction,” Claudius adds.

Chef tells me that adding a narrative element to Sybil Raw first came to life on the streets of Budapest, Hungary.

“It’s a continuation from Europe, except now with the English-speaking girls we can tell a bigger story,” he explains.

Back in LA, Daddy Sybil runs the city with a sidekick named Thugger (Air Thugger), who today has the night off.

A couple days ago, she pulled a knife and stabbed a trick played by veteran director Stills by Alan, leaving him laying on the sidewalk covered in fake blood.

All the Sybil Raw dialogue is unscripted.

“We have an idea of what it is, but she’s got to get into character and find it,” Chef says. “So she’s always doing some fucked-up, crazy shit.

“That’s the mentality behind everything. She’s a small package but with big attitude.”


Not only does the cast and crew not mind the civilians in the shots, they want the city to be alive when they’re shooting.

“We try and pick nights where there’s people but not on a Saturday night where there’s too many people,” Chef continues. “But it’s important that you see cars and stuff in the background because if not any idiot can just go around the corner at 3 a.m. where there’s no cars and try and shoot a street scene.

“It’s important that people are moving and cars are going by in the street scene so you know it’s real.”

Sybil tells me she’s used to playing Daddy in public—and acting like a pimp in front of strangers is the least of her worries.

“I’m actually more nervous because it’s hard to speak for me in English,” she confesses. “Because of people, I don’t care. They’re just walking on the street, they’re smiling. They’re laughing at what we are doing, which is fine.”

Stepbrother Chad, who is driving the Lincoln, taking stills and doing lighting tonight among other things, met Chef on the set of an AT&T phone commercial in 2015.

“I got a cold call to assist on it,” Chad recalls. “He was assistant director on the commercial and he was showing videos of his Snapchat and I was like, ‘What the fuck is that?’ He was like, ‘It’s just something I do.’ We were on a real professional set and he’s got some girl spinning around in a shower [on his phone].

“And I was like, ‘If you ever need help, you let me know.’ ... He’s like, ‘Let me get your number, I’ll call you.’ I’m like, yeah whatever. Then one week goes by and he goes, ‘You working or you playing?’ I’m like, fuck, I was so nervous. Like oh shit, I think it’s fucking happening.”


Both Sybil and Chef say the plan is to make a full-length feature built around Daddy Sybil.

“Every shoot is like training,” she tells me. “We always want to be part of something bigger. I want to make a movie with my character Sybil Raw and tell a cool story like a mainstream film like Pulp Fiction, except add real sex to it.”

Chef adds, “The goal is to find out who all the best performers are and then make a real movie.”

As the evening winds down after some pictures with the python draped around Sybil in the shower, she tells me these crazy moments are the reason they keep going.

“It’s always like this,” Sybil says with a smile. “We are trying. It’s not because we have to do this, it’s because we want to do this.”





Photography by Chef/@fsupgang