Swollen Skateboards Rolls Out Rob Rotten Deck

BALTIMORE, Md. – Porn auteur Rob Rotten of Punx Productions will be kickflipping into the skater subculture when Swollen Skateboards debuts its new Rob Rotten skateboard deck next week.

Rotten, the director of such idiosyncratic adult movies as The Texas Vibrator Massacre, Swallow My Children and Cum Stain Girls, told AVN.com how his mug came to appear on a skateboard. "Swollen Skateboards contacted me about six months ago," he said. "They asked if I'd be interested in being featured on a skateboard deck. After we picked an image, it was finalized, the artwork changed a little bit, and now it will be in stock at Swollen Skateboards and a couple of other places next week."

"I grew up as a punk rock skater," said Swollen Skateboards founder and president Spencer W., "I really wanted to bring that aspect of who I am to my boards. Rob, to me, is the epitome of hardcore, punk rock adult stuff. He used to be a skater and into the lifestyle that we at Swollen Skateboards are all about."

Rotten, apparently, won't be the only adult personality to appear on a deck, either. Spencer W. indicated his company had plans to do an entire line of porn personality decks. "A lot of companies have pro skaters on the decks," he said. "We're trying to do an adult pro line."

To learn more about Swollen Skateboards and its line of products, go to SwollenSkateboards.com.

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